Bitcoin Is The Poster Child Of The Social Mood: CEO Jeff Gundlach | CNBC

Jeffrey Gundlach, Doubleline Capital CEO, discusses the moves in bitcoin in accordance to the volatile moves in the stock market.
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Bitcoin Is The Poster Child Of The Social Mood: CEO Jeff Gundlach | CNBC


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15 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Is The Poster Child Of The Social Mood: CEO Jeff Gundlach | CNBC”

  1. I'll stick with buying beanie babies for my financial future.

  2. L

    Bitcoin will continue to rise. This is a healthy correction.

  3. Dude, BTC is NOT at the low of the year! A year ago it was a about a thousand dollars. It was around the 7k mark just this last February, less than two months ago. Get your facts straight.

  4. “ITS CURRENTLY AT THE LOW OF THE YEAR”. Leave it to CNBC to be so clueless about crypto they can’t do a basic google search. April 6. 2017 price was $1,186.58 currently about $6,900…but yeah anyone who bought. Year ago and is only up 5x right now with dip I’m sure is totally regretting it! Smh

  5. EVERYONE, i mean EVERYONE wants bitcoin but they know its a bit overpriced at the moment,

  6. having a limited amount of bitcoin makes it a great investment.

  7. hodlers should sell now before it's too late

  8. What's up with this dude's mouth?

  9. Down with crypto currency globalism communism and rise of nationalism everywhere! Bitcoin infiltrated all nations, real nationalism? Bitcoin is the bankers product that they are promoting and selling you. Promote a national currency for your own government and people to put the bankers out of business for good. Nothing is better than having real power back in your hands. When one or more nation is involved to one crypto currency it is globalism.

  10. This guy has been wrong for two straight years. Why is he even on tv?

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