‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver Talks Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork | CNBC

Brian Kelly reports from Consensus on three things to watch. And Roger Ver (Bitcoin Jesus) on the bitcoin civil war.
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‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver Talks Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork | CNBC


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42 Thoughts to “‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver Talks Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork | CNBC”

  1. Ver takes everything way too personally. makes it fun. but he also has no reason to just make the statements he makes. ufck ver.

  2. bitcoin cash going to crash

  3. gosh, like Craig Wright, this guy is full of nonsense. And totally driven my narcissism. What a team!

  4. Correction: The crypto community refer to him as the "Effeminate prophet," not "Bitcoin Jesus." Get your facts straight.

  5. The only reason I’m not gonna buy Bcash ever, is because this autistic fk is behind it.

  6. Anyone who is called "Bitcoin Jesus" can't be trusted. He's just here peddling his shitcoin

  7. Check out these butthurt late adopters comments. Sorry lads, Bch is the real bitcoin.

  8. You think that CNBC could hook up a microphone for proper sound.. What a joke. BTW: Rodger Ver is a convicted arms dealer wasnt he?

  9. Bitcoin Jesus… LOL… that should let you know he's a fraud, like the Jesus that was in that book, the bible

  10. MSM stop calling Roger, Bitcoin Jesus. His correct title is Bitcoin Judas.

  11. government and Nazis scared of bitcoin.

  12. The community has already seen Roger for what he is. Anyone who would knowingly keep explosives in an apartment building with kids has no ground to talk about the things he does. Bcash is nothing but empty blocks being mined.

  13. All Roger Ver does is lie. Why isn't he in NYC, because he knows the crowd would be too tough for him to handle. The next Roger video I want to see is of him being punched in the throat

  14. He doesnt sound confident at all. Why not show up

  15. Just like any good venture capitalist, Ver is pumping his investment, and selling it as a "game-changer"

  16. One year ago the Bcash market cap was zero because it did not exist.
    Comparing Bcash value today to BTC from one year ago is disingenuous and a poor argument.

    BCASH needs to hard fork because they are not competitive. When BTC transaction fees are 1-sat per byte or about 0.20 cents

    Roger, you are running out of arguments and excuses.

  17. Bitcoin/Crypto is the biggest scam. Invest in Stocks or Forex. Crypto is Gambling not Trading!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I assume he dumped all his bitcoin core and now he wants to dump his bitcoin cash he got when bitcoin core forked. Then he'll promote the next fork and so on…

  19. This post is for conspiracy theorists.
    Check out Minute 7:27
    Look at how mainstream positions their picks, placing BCash top left and Bitcoin at bottom right, almost hiding from the rest. They have now started talking about EOS, which looks to be a monstrous project. I wonder if the deep-state rumors about EOS are true. No FUD, I own EOS.

  20. What gets me is that these people are so uninformed and why would they let anyone do a 5 minute commercial. If they are getting paid why not advertise for the other 1500coins noobies be very careful and please do your research good luck

  21. BCash will soon be plagued with the same problems Bitcoin has. Roger owns more stake of BCH than BTC, so he obviously wants BCH to perform better than BTC.

  22. Take a shot every time Roger Ver says Bitcoin Cash.

  23. CNBC is shillin bitcoin cash pretty hard by having Roger on… pathetic.

  24. They'll sell their bitcoin cash, say it's old and flawed, and promote the next fork and so on…

  25. Why would anyone want to buy a slower litecoin?

  26. He speaks about the lack of "Spendability" of BTC Core…So does physical gold.

  27. You want to know why people are buying these cryptos? Cuz the dollar is going to collapse due to hyper inflation from the quantitative easing! The banks will fail again and the people will realize what true money is again, and its not this fiat pieces of paper.

  28. Stop calling it Bitcoin core it's just bitcoin

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