Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC

CNBC’s Seema Mody reports on the world’s largest bitcoin conference and Arthur Hayes, BitMEX CEO, discusses his outlook for the cryptocurrency. Included are CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Tim Seymour, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.
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Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC


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29 Thoughts to “Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC”

  1. Shutttt up! Bitcoin was easily controlled By all types of different organisations in its prime time that is what caused it to crash and a lot of people lost a lot of money

  2. Exactly like the guy who owns bitmax is saying it’s all a retail trader game. Institutional schemes are very against or away bitcoin because of the fraud and different crazy methods retail traders or regular unprofessional people use it for. I mean blockchain technology is revolutionary but it’s value and worth can be manipulated very very easily.

  3. Of course they want it to hit $50k so they can dump there bags, make there profits, then buy back when BTC tanks down again.

  4. Thought it was funny Bull was in his last name . Bullard is bullish lol

  5. Nice Video clip Mr Joseph has the best when it comes to mining bitcoin.

  6. Just because you were unfortunate doesn't mean others will be also. I also got discouraged after going through some negative comments on here not until I saw a testimony of a trader who made mention of Frank Robert and his strategy. I contacted him and today am happy to tell you that I earn thousands of Dollar weekly trading with his strategy. I suggest his strategy to every trader facing challenge.

  7. In other news, guy with vested financial interest in bitcoin says it’ll go up in price 🤔

  8. What a dude ranch. Too many carrots in the Bitcoin stew

  9. Absurd claim. During the great fomo, the highest it peaked at was ~20,000 and that was very brief. It struggled to break ~10,000 just recently on LOW volume.

  10. This dude is absolutely a genius. Future billionaire.

  11. I'd be impressed if we can even break 10k

  12. The video seems to be informative with nice idea ,but i have tried so many mining systerm ,even with the video i doesn't make any amount of Bitcoin rather i keep on loosing ,but you can give a try to Mr johns systerm to see how profitable it working for me now .you can contact him (

  13. Bitmex trades against you, everytime, he is smart smart at scamming 100xs, well you knew the risk he will say

  14. Bitmex and all the other Cryptoplatforms are slipping….Customers are falling away…..They need a cash inflow….I won't participate in their bailout, 50k…lol. Sounds like he is bank loan shopping…..

    Short ☠️

  15. If you use a hundred times leverage on bitcoin you're going to get wrecked

  16. this gives me hope 😂
    past week I've lost hundreds

  17. kindly review HOLOCHAIN please. seem interesting like Cardano in sep 2017.

  18. one of the most honest answer!! dont care goes up or down as long as your making money. this if for those emotional traders who cannot see bitcoin falling and cursing wall st. like get a life losers!! you need a short selling account than your opinions of hodling will change. !!

  19. wait for personal transactions between digital debit cards

  20. Crypto is the future. We just need time

  21. Bitcoin will be $45,876,932 by August 23rd 2018 at 2:34 a.m.
    Or I'll eat a stack of pancakes

  22. Great to ear those who knows what they are talking about compare to banksters that hypocritically slams cryptos but buying them secretly.

  23. How about BitMex actually fix their f*cking platform!
    18months, millions of $$$ from traders having been force liquidated because the trading platform is not suitable to handle the traffic, and still no fix!!. I feel a law suit coming up soon.

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