Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Makes His Case For HODL-ing On To Bitcoin | CNBC

Tom Lee, Fundstrat, discusses why he’s still bullish on bitcoin.
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Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Makes His Case For HODL-ing On To Bitcoin | CNBC


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30 Thoughts to “Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Makes His Case For HODL-ing On To Bitcoin | CNBC”

  1. Simple buy bitcoin and good quality projects and the growth will come by end of year.

  2. Drink the cool aid. Obey. 8 Track was awesome. Go all in on Blockbuster Video and go down with the ship.

  3. wow. finally an anchor with good questions, and i am talking about the woman, since i dont know any of the people on this show. bravo!

  4. Thanks for bringing him on again guys…not because he's always bullish, but because he has the pulse of the market nailed, and will be a good resource in the future to know what the structure of the market is at any given point

  5. Funny thing… tom just looks like he crapped his pants

  6. Bitcoin now, and alt project VeChain – between the both of these (Bitcoin – store of value; VeChain – upcoming real world use) you will set yourself up for life with a modest investment.

  7. Cryptos are in a constant state of dilution. Everyday more and more cryptos are being created. This is what's keeping me from getting involved.

  8. What is taking place is the bad mouthing of bitcoin and cryptos to run the market down for the specific purpose of running off the masses. Once the masses have lost complete confidence in the crypto market then the big money will come flooding in to buy everything they can at a low price – run the market up – and the masses will never be able to enter the crypto market again because the prices will be too high. The masses need to take their positions now and be willing to wait a few years for the gains.

  9. Meh – he’s long so he’s got no choice. If you bought at 15,000 – why are you still holding ? If you bought it at $200 – keep holding. My guess is we break the last low then buyers maybe come back

  10. Tom also predicted the S&P would be negative last year and he was, 25% wrong – so he’s pleasant – but no sage – if he were, he’d be on vacation and not on CNBC

  11. i know bitcoin when it was 1k got in when it was 5k when it reached more than 10k all of my friends started talking about it but when it crashed no one talked about it when it has another bull run i think these people who talked will invest in it thats how it goes i guess
    i dont know the future of bitcoin but i use it to send money to my brother who lives in other country no wiretransfer!

  12. Always do the opposite of media tells you

  13. What's hilarious is all the attention and large amount of "btc funerals" announced all the time. Why so threatened by something which has such a small amount of support? Why are the world champ (stock market) supporters worried about an infant (crypto) supporters? If it's no big deal and it's dead every 2 days why not just stfu??? Oh right you are concerned because it's real and in your face even within your own communities. Embrace the $hi+ ..make more money and stfu.

  14. IF ti was a simple as buy low sell high – everyone would be doing the same, and nothing would ever move. Right now it is stagnant for this reason – too few players all waiting for someone to make the first big buying move/selling move – everyone figuring whoever moves first loses… Once adoption starts and a flood of new buyers come in ready to play, it will move again. This will be once tech is in place to actually use some of it.

  15. hmm hold it at 10k hold it at 6k hold it at 1 k … so you're saying not to sell at 10 when you can buy 10* more at 1k hmm

  16. The huge gains were simply due to non regulation. Full stop.

  17. I'm gonna listen to Tom and sell my house and put my life savings in Bitcoin Becouse I have faith in a unpredictable and vunrabel market alll innnn

  18. Haha stay calm and watch your life saving go to ZERO.

  19. Keep it coming. There has been an awakening, have you felt it?

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